Mod Pack Creator version has been released. It includes a bunch of new features, such as LiteLoader support and a new profile generator, for the vanilla/original Minecraft Launcher ( a much requested feature ).

Mod Pack Installer also got updated to be able to handle the new features of course, and then i updated the Updater tool (yeah i know, sounds a little retarded).

The reason for the update on updater was because back when i programmed that part, i hardcoded the urls into the application. A very bad choice i know, especially when you then go ahead and get a new domain. But that is now dynamic instead. Also since i still have the old domain some time yet, i the old updater is still working, and should still grab the new version automaticly. Most of all this update featured a lot of clean up on the code of Mod Pack Creator. Since its been quite some time since my last review on that part, i have learned a lot, which Mod Pack Creator should get part in too.

Next up is cleaning up the code in Mod Pack Installer. The code in there is quite a mess, but works ofcourse. Also next up is more customization i hope ūüôā


v0.7.0.0 Beta
* - Cleaned up a lot of code. 
* - Orignal Minecraft Launcher profile creation now possible
* - LiteLoader API can now be bundled with the mod pack
* - Added a Update URL setting.

v0.7.0.0 Beta
* - Now supports Original Launcher profile generation.
* - Now supports LiteLoader installation.
* - Changed the way the installer gets forge version.

* - Added a setting to the Updater that lets you change the Update URL.

Yesterday i began to get an overlook of all the code in Mod Pack Creator to continue the development. What i noticed is that a lot of the code in it, is not very well optimized, so my current task in it is to tidy this up.

After that, my plans is to get it working with other launchers than Magic Launcher (hopefully the vanilla launcher), and then get LiteLoader support (which should not be a problem).

Skærmbillede 2014-10-12 13.59.33

I while back i made a very simple app to Count the number of lines inside files. I had been away from C# for a while and thought it would be a good way to get back into the language. So i created this.

What it does is simply counting the number of lines in every file (recursively) in the directory you specify. It can be customized to exclude specific file types, which you can specify in the application it self.

I made it for my self because i was curious as to how many lines of code i had written in another project, but thought that others might find it usefull, so here it is!

Link to page