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To make a task of mine easier, i made this small utility in C#. It just points out which files contains what you tell it to search for, and where in the file.

All you need to do is specify the root path of where to search, and what to search for. The tool will then run through each file and in all subfolders (recursively), and list all the occurrences it finds of the specified string or piece of text, and in which files it finds it, wand where in the file it finds it.

Link to page

I’ve been working on some templates for this site on pages that contains downloads which is now live. I have done this to streamline all my downlaods to “work in the same way”.

The new design is simply a box to the right in pages that hosts an application/mod/tool. In the box, you will find the points of interest when talking about software downloads, like download link, link to documentation, newest version number and so fourth.

Yesterday i began to get an overlook of all the code in Mod Pack Creator to continue the development. What i noticed is that a lot of the code in it, is not very well optimized, so my current task in it is to tidy this up.

After that, my plans is to get it working with other launchers than Magic Launcher (hopefully the vanilla launcher), and then get LiteLoader support (which should not be a problem).

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I while back i made a very simple app to Count the number of lines inside files. I had been away from C# for a while and thought it would be a good way to get back into the language. So i created this.

What it does is simply counting the number of lines in every file (recursively) in the directory you specify. It can be customized to exclude specific file types, which you can specify in the application it self.

I made it for my self because i was curious as to how many lines of code i had written in another project, but thought that others might find it usefull, so here it is!

Link to page

Bought a new domain a few days ago, which I’ve been wanting for some time now, so i hope ill get it used.

I also have a new plan for the website. All my weekdays goes with programming, and therefore this site will probably mostly be used to stuff related to that part of my life.

In the next days i will upload some stuff i am working on, and also update the site with the things i want it to be able to do (forum etc.).

Oh and why i chose this wierd ass domain name? While it has nothing to do with the actual content of this site, it  simply comes from a phrase me and my friends have been saying to each other when theres something we do not want to waste energy on. “Cannot be arsed” is what it is short of (more explanation here). And with those new top level domains i just had to get this one.. Cannot be arsed today. Just wait for my new email address: daniel@cba.today oh yeah..

New website

I mainly made this website to host the documentation for Mod Pack Creator, but thought it would be nice to try out blogging too.

ut the Mod Pack Creator documentation can be found here

New PC

To try out the blogging part of this site i thought i would post the progress of my new computer project. Until before summer i had a big ass custom liquid cooled PC. It was built into a Corsair 800D so yeah, it was pretty darn big and a pain to move for LAN’s etc. This was my first pc with liquid cooling, and the end result looked like this:

Im not totally sure if it was because of the liquid cooling or because of the parts i chose, but i was very impressed of how well this systen ran. It had a Core i7 920 CPU which normally runs at 2.6 Ghz per core, which i had overclocked to 4.2 Ghz (4.6 Ghz at one point) and it ran without problems for around 2 years. Since then i have decided to go down the LC path again, but at the moment im running at a spare PC, which i intend to replace very soon.

But instead of going with the large case, which was my only problem with the old setup, i’ve decided to go the direct opposite route. Mini-ITX ! And ofcourse, completely watercooled. In the next blog post i will describe what my plan is in detail 🙂 .